Raleigh Mobile Car Detailing Service Restores Vehicles to Showroom Quality

Mobile Auto Detailing Service Rated 5 Stars for Quality and Customer Satisfaction

When a vehicle becomes excessively dirty over time, a simple run to the car wash and vacuum does not do justice. Dirt, grime, dust and other contaminants accrue all over the vehicle, in every crack, crevice and surface. This principle of cleaning every area of the vehicle, and leaving long term protection behind to make future cleaning and maintenance easier is the staple of car detailing. It is very common for clients to be amazed by just how clean their vehicle is, and causes an inclination to keep the vehicle in pristine condition post-detail.

Why Car Detailing is Important For Your Vehicle

Mobile Detail Doctor specializes in auto detailing services, boasting a perfect 5-star rating in both of it’s current locations, Raleigh, NC and Richmond, VA. The auto detailing experts operate with an understanding that every vehicle and customer’s needs are different. With this in mind, MDD has nixed the multi-package system that most other car detailing companies have and made it easier for customers with a three package system – interior, exterior or both, commonly called a “full detail”. No two vehicles are the same. A minivan transporting kids and pets, and a sports car only driven on the weekends require different levels of services to keep the vehicle clean, protected and maintained. With this knowledge, communication with customers is imperative in order to determine those requirements and ensure every customer transaction ends with the upmost satisfaction.

Does car detailing increase the value of my vehicle?

While it may seem obvious, regular detailing of your vehicle gurantees an exponentially higher value when you decide to sell or trade it in. Luke Houk, owner of Mobile Detail Doctor, often recommends that customers begin the maintenance detailing process as soon as they purchase a vehicle. When a vehicle is kept clean and protected, the years of wear and tear are much less apparent. Some of the regular maintenance clients’ vehicles look just as good as when they bought it from the dealership, even after putting thousands of miles on the vehicle and normal wear. On the contrary, vehicles not maintained regularly develop excessive dirtiness and over time the vehicle’s value depriciates even more. The cost of a detail gets higher, and the attainable results decrease as dirt and damage begin to become a permanent part of the vehicle.

How do you properly maintain a vehicle?

Mobile Detail Doctor offers a hands-on maintenance program, carefully crafted to save clients a large sum of money and keep their automobiles clean/protected all the time. When a closer look is taken, one can see how simple the maintenance process is. The detailing experts explained how maintenance is a win-win for clients and detailers. On the client’s side, they get a vehicle that looks, feels and smells good virtually at all times, and save a tremendous amount of money versus getting a full priced detail done a few times a year. For the detailers, maintenance detailing is much easier and faster as the vehicles are often already mostly clean, and ultimately develops amazing client relationships.

How Much Does A Mobile Detail Cost?

Car detailing prices vary, and it largely depends on a number of factors such as the type of package you want, your car size, and the individual expert working on your car. When looking for an expert to hire, it is not enough to compare prices from different service providers, you need to research their level of experience and expertise. Higher end detailing companies will charge more for expertise, and also typically perform a better service and have an overall better customer experience.

Where To Find The Best Mobile Detailing Experts For High-Quality Detailing Services in Raleigh, NC

Based on overwhelming customer reviews and recommendations, the best mobile detail company that offers 5-star rated detailing services in Raleigh, Wake Forest, and the greater Triangle Area in North Carolina is Mobile Detail Doctor.

The experts at Mobile Detail Doctor provide 5-star interior and exterior car detailing, truck detailing, RV detailing, and boat detailing services in Raleigh that conveniently services at your home or business.

The company is dedicated to providing the finest cleaning, detailing, and restoration services for your auto, RV, or boat. They have the experience, expertise, and quality products to restore your vehicle’s appearance to pristine condition and keep it in the best shape. To get a FREE quote and book an appointment, visit their official website or call (919) 891-3292.


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