How To Clean And Polish Clear-Coated Wheels

Today’s cars often come with clear-coated alloy wheels. Just like clear-coat auto paint, the clear-coated wheels offer a finish that requires little upkeep and shines nicely when clean. Routine cleaning and occasional polishing are all required to maintain clear-coated wheels and ensure they always appear almost new.

Here’s how to clean and polish your coated wheels, according to the experts at Mobile Detail Doctor Raleigh.

1. Rinse the wheels to get rid of any brake dust and particles.

When you use wheels, they pick up a lot of debris; thus, use a fireman’s nozzle with a high industrial flow to provide a powerful spray of water. Don’t forget to cover the wheel’s front and back sides.

Spray within the spokes and around the lug nuts to remove any concealed debris.

2. Use a clear-coated wheel cleaner to mist one wheel at a time.

Use a cleaner designed for clear-coated wheels like Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner or Griot’s Garage Wheel Cleaner.

Choosing a cleaner that is safe for use on a clear coat is essential to protect the wheel. The non-acidic nature of these cleaners safeguards the polish of the wheels.

3. Scrub the wheel with a soft-bristled wheel brush.

This helps remove brake dust and dirt without damaging the wheel finish. Clean each wheel from front to back, reaching through the spokes. Use a brush to wash the area surrounding the lug nuts and inside the lug nut holes.

Never allow a wheel cleaner to dry on the wheel, as that can damage the finish. 

4. Clean the wheel wells.

As the tires roll, a lot of mud and dirt gets churned up in the wheel wells.  A long-handled brush with hard bristles should be used for the wheel well, and a soft and delicate brush for the wheels.

Avoid cleaning the wheel wells with your soft wheel brush. Also, don’t clean the wheel itself with the wheel well brush.

5. Rinse the wheel and wheel wells.

Wash and dry the wheel once more to remove soap and debris.. Blast the wheel with a powerful stream of cold water from the hose, then dry it off. 

Examine the wheel’s edges, front and back, for dirt, and wash off any dirt you find.

Then wipe the lugnuts and spokes with a fresh microfiber towel. 

6. Polish the wheel.

Always clean the wheels first before polishing them to prevent damage from dirt and brake dust. Use a polish suitable for clear coats. A clear-coat wheel needs a gentler polish than a wheel made entirely of aluminum alloy.

Also, it is best to apply the polish with a wheel polishing tool. Start by applying your preferred polish to the wheels one at a time. Start cautiously and spread the polish over the wheel using the polishing tool. Slowly pick up the pace.

Keep the tool rolling over the wheel until the polish starts to dry or fade. Then wipe the wheel clean with a soft, clean microfiber towel. Repeat this for all four wheels.

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