Steps To Properly Wash & Dry Your Car

A clean car is a comfortable car, which the owner takes pride in. That holds true for both the interior and exterior of your car. In contrast, the thought of cleaning your car may seem unpleasant to some. Still, it’s an important responsibility that comes with owning a car. Washing your car has several advantages, including boosting resale value and extending its lifespan.

Mobile Detail Doctor Wake Forest offers professional car wash and detailing services in Wake Forest, NC. They have a team that can wash and rejuvenate the interior and exterior of your car with deep cleansing, shampooing, and conditioning.

The team at Mobile Detail Doctor Wake Forest has put together the following steps to wash and dry your car correctly.

1. Get your tools ready 

While you can wash a car with just a tap and an old shirt, using the proper tools will make the process go more smoothly. You’ll typically need the following:

  • A washcloth or a sponge.
  • Two pails.
  • A car wash product.
  • A drying cloth.
  • A rinse hose.

Also, you’ll need two buckets. One bucket of soapy water and another bucket of plain water. This way, you can rinse your sponge in regular water whenever you want extra suds.

2. Pre-wash

Before starting the car wash process, thoroughly rinse the vehicle’s surface to eliminate any loose dirt and grime. Use a foam cannon to pre-soak the car before rinsing if the paint is very unclean or if you want to proceed with greater caution.

3. First, wash the wheels and tires

If you wash the car’s body first, there will be a problem since the water will dry and spot your car before you have finished washing the tires and wheels.

Avoid washing your car with the same water you use to wash your wheels and tires. Always fill your buckets with fresh water and dispose of the old ones.

4. Start from the top

When washing the body of your car, always wash from top to bottom; never the other way around. The areas of your car closest to the ground are typically the dirtiest.

The areas with the most dirt tend to be rocker panels and bumpers. So, wash from the top to avoid bringing this debris back onto the paint surface to avoid harming it.

Get the sponge or cloth wet and soapy. Then, wash the car’s panel in straight strokes and rinse the washcloth or sponge in the bucket without soap.

5. Rinse frequently 

Take your hose’s nozzle off, then start the water under medium pressure. Rinse your car by letting the water run freely over the surface; do not use a water sprayer. The water will sheet off due to the free-flowing activity, taking at least 80% of the surface water.

Then, let the car drip dry for a moment while you gather your drying equipment.

6. Dry the car

After washing, the next step is to dry the car. A microfiber drying cloth, an air compressor, and a drying chamois work best for drying a car. Use a microfiber drying towel to wipe the entire car down. Fold the chamois and clean it to use as a drying chamois.

If you own an air compressor, use it to blow the car completely dry. Dry your wheels and tires using a terry detailing cloth. 

7. Finishing 

After the outside has largely dried, open the doors and clean the jambs, sills, and seal regions. Dry the area under the doors before closing them to prevent wet sills.

Open the trunk and hood to clean the jambs and seals. Use the moist towel that you used to dry the tires and wheels to remove dust and light oil from the top of the engine and compartment surfaces.

Professional car washing and detailing services available in Wake Forest, NC.

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